9 September 2019

Urban Foods to Pair with Your Bordeaux Wines

Any excuse to have friends over for wine is a good one in our books. And, if friends want to bring a bottle of Bordeaux along, here are some of our favorite bottles to guide a delicious dinner for a group.
bbq bordeaux wine

Photo by Saison d'or

Kick off your first course with a light and crisp salad. Any fresh and light Bordeaux Rosé will pair perfectly with leafy greens and snappy, lemony vinaigrettes.

Serving seafood to your crowd? Depending on the catch, different refreshing white Bordeauxs will do the trick! For those more hands-on in the kitchen, prepare a light and lean scallop carpaccio marinated in olive oil, grapefruit, limes, and sea salt. Pair with a crisp glass from Entre-Deux Mer or Pessac Léognan. If raw seafood isn’t your fancy, sear up a seasonable fatty fish like wild salmon, and reach for limestone-rich, oceanic, mineral-forward white Bordeaux blends.

Taking a carnivorous route for your guests? Ask your local butcher for a ribeye cut, and grill to the perfect rare temperature. Deep, structured red wines from Saint Emilion will hold up to the robust and juicy meat, while still letting the wine’s natural tannins shine.

bbq bordeaux wine Photo by Chloe Crane-Leroux

Guests with a sweet tooth will be super satisfied. Take the easy route and hit up your favorite bakery to take care of dessert duty for you. A delicate, beautiful assortment of petit fours pairs best with bubbly Crémant de Bordeaux. Plus, any excuse to pop a cork truly makes any occasion feel even more special. Cheers!

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