Candy and Wine Pairings You Need This Spooky Season

Halloween is around the corner, and it’s time to sip into the spooky spirit! While you may grow out of trick-or-treating, it’s never too late to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grab a few glasses and bags of candy for your next ghoulish gathering and pair your seasonal treats with spook-tacular wines from Bordeaux and Germany.

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Riesling Sekt and Candy Corn

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Candy corn may be controversial, but there’s no arguing that it makes a great companion to sparkling Riesling. One of the most enjoyed styles of wine in Germany, Riesling Sekt is inherently fresh and light, making Germany’s hallmark grape the perfect base. The fruity peach and lemon flavors of Riesling complement the creamy, vanilla notes of the candy while the crisp bubbles and fresh acidity balance out candy corn’s sugary taste.

Markus Molitor Mosel Riesling Sekt 

  • Region: Mosel
  • Avg price: $19

Sauternes and Butterfinger 

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Just like the classic Butterfinger bar, Sauternes offers a balanced combination of rich flavors. Made using late-harvest grapes affected by noble rot, this rare dessert wine features a complex floral and fruity bouquet, featuring aromas of mango, pineapple, and roasted peach and notes of beeswax, almond, and hazelnut. The elegant sweetness of Sauternes rounds out the toffee found in the candy bar. Opt for a fun-size Butterfinger, as just a little of this sweet pairing goes a long way.

Chateau Laribotté Sauternes 

  • Grapes: Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris and Muscadelle
  • Avg Price: $40

German Rose and Twizzlers

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German rosé is known for its light and fruity freshness ranging from entry-level wines to fuller-bodied and complex bottlings. The most common bottles found in the United States are those made from Spätburgunder, or German Pinot Noir. These German rosés are delicate and tart, featuring the same strawberry flavors found in Twizzlers, while maintaining a gentle yet pronounced acidity that balances the sweetness of the licorice.

2021 Meyer-Näkel Spätburgunder Rose Trocken 

  • Region: Ahr
  • Avg Price: $34

Merlot and Milk Chocolate M&Ms

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The most planted grape variety in Bordeaux, Merlot is known for its velvety tannins and fresh aroma of fruits like plum and fig. While more commonly found in a Bordeaux blend, there are wineries in the region that bottle Merlot on its own. The next time you stumble upon a Merlot from Bordeaux, try pairing its rich plummy notes and herbal nuances with the crunchy texture and smooth flavor of milk chocolate M&Ms. We bet you’ll be hooked!

2020 Château Saintem 

  • Grapes: 100% Merlot
  • Avg Price: $25

Find a bottle of German or Bordeaux wine at a tasting near you or your local retail shop.

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